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Long Island environment award goes to Operation SPLASH

The Vision Long Island award for Environmental and Historic Preservation goes to Operation SPLASH for their efforts in protecting Long Island's waterways and shorelines.

This Film Should Be Seen By The Entire World!

This video is about an island in the ocean at 2000 km from any other coast line. Nobody lives, only birds and yet.. you will not believe your eyes!

Plastic bag killed Stony Point dolphin

To All Operation SPLASH Members:
As sad as the story is below, just think how many other sea creatures would suffer the same fate if not for the work we do. To all our Captains, their crews, all SPLASH volunteers and supporters, we can not thank you enough for your help in removing these deadly plastic bags from our bays and oceans.

- Rob Weltner, Operation SPLASH President

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Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the Op23 Clean Up a Huge Success!
Over 250 volunteers helped us remove 41,000lbs of garbage from the bays.
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Op23 Cleanup Op23 Cleanup Op23 Cleanup Op23 Cleanup Op23 Cleanup

Operation Splash's Don Harris speaks about Hurricane Sandy's impact on Nassau County's bays.

"Standing Against The Tide:
The Operation SPLASH Story."

This 12-minute documentary explores the 22-year history of Operation SPLASH and our never-ending battle against Long Island waterway pollution.

We've Cleaned 1,000,000 Pounds of Trash!
Read about it in our latest newsletter.
  1. • We're celebrating our 21st year.
  2.   • Details of our holiday party.
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Great Beach Clean Up
On July 22 at the Jones Beach Coast Guard Station, approximately 100 exchange students from Taiwan came down to the beach to lend a hand cleaning the beach and learning about our environment.
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Baldwin group joins SPLASH to help clean
Long Island shores

After spending a lot of time in the spring and summer on the beach, Jill Belovin got frustrated at the amount of garbage she was seeing. When she discovered Operation SPLASH., Jill decided to take action and got a group of friends together to set up the Baldwin branch.
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Lakeside's 'Go Green' group makes a 'SPLASH'
Capt. Don Harris of Operation SPLASH, met recently with students at Levy-Lakeside Elementary School in Merrick.

The Lawn Chemical Ritual, and it's links to cancer.
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Stop the Dumping in Reynolds Channel
From March through December 2010, the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant periodically released sewage 40 times above the legal limit into Reynolds Channel, and no one notified the public about it. Community groups and concerned citizens demanded that the County fix the problem and, as a result, plant remediation has begun and the plant has been discharging in legal limits since January.

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A View to a (Fish) Kill: A Firsthand Perspective on Fish-killing Cooling Systems
While working as a contractor at a Long Island-based power plant, Rob Weltner witnessed
firsthand the devastating impact that the facility's outdated cooling water intake system can have on aquatic life.

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Operation SPLASH (Stop Polluting Littering And Save Harbors), a volunteer non-profit organization started in 1990, provides a solution to the growing problem of waterfront pollution through public awareness and individual participation. The SPLASH boats are docked at the Town of Hempstead 's Guy Lombardo Marina in Freeport and at Nassau County's Wantagh Park Marina and also at East Rockaway's Town Marina. Each boat has it's own sailing schedules and to find a time that suits you please check the "SAILING SCHEDULES AND CAPTAINS CONTACT INFO on this web page. Each goes out at least once daily and actually removes debris from the local waterways and shorelines. SPLASH has hundreds of active members who are dedicated to keeping our coastal waterways pollution free, allowing marine life to thrive once again in the bays.

To learn more about Operation SPLASH or to contact the organization,
call 516-378-4770. Or write to us at:
Operation SPLASH
PO Box 228
Freeport, New York 11520